Are you looking for that one of a kind gift? Our limited time specials are for those special occasions and holiday’s. If you are looking for that unique cookie gift – or in the mood for holiday themed cookies that look great on the table for family get togethers, you’re in the right place! Check back to see what we add next!


From  $21

Purim Macarons


Gilded Mask


Limited Edition Mishloach Manot Box 


Purim Cookiegram


Coookie Box



Mask Cookies

Paint Your Own


by the dozen

Purim Cookies


Gift Set

Purim Chocolate Macaron 


Gift set

Purim Green Macaron

From $55.99

Cookie Kit


Enchanting Purim Box


Paint Your Own Purim Flower


Paint Your Own Desserts


Paint Your Own Clown


Paint Your Own Mask


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