Macaron Subscriptions

Macarons are near and dear to our hearts - and if you’re here we bet they are to you too!
This subscription was meant for the macaron lovers out there - 
Available in a 5 pack and a 10 pack. 

Both packs will include a specialty flavor every month - not one regularly available in our store, designed specifically for this subscription. 
10 packs will include both the specialty flavor of the month and one of our in house flavors such as: Lemon crème, Hazelnut, Framboise and more!.

If you are a macaron lover or you have one in your life, this is the subscription for you - and makes an excellent gift too!

Pricing includes shipping - subscription packs will be shipped 3-5 days from order. 
Following subscription shipments will be based on initial order and received around the same time each month. 

Allergen Info: Gluten Free - but not a gluten free or nut free kitchen

Special Flavors Monthly

Starting at $399

12 Month Subscription

Starting at $199

6 Month Subscription

Starting at $99

3 Month Subscription

One Month Starting at $33

Want to try just one month?

Pina Colada Macarons are filled with a toasted coconut swiss méringue buttercream with a dollop of our house made pineapple jam.

Hazelnut Macarons filled with a velvety chocolatey hazelnut ganache.

Monthly Specialty: Pina Colada
In-house Flavor: Hazelnut

This Month's Flavors